Blogging Quick Tips: Tags

Tags are the best way to draw in random readers from search engines such as Google and Yahoo! I made several sample blogs in early 2010 and did sample tags for each post. The results were kind of interesting.

  • I first tried terms dealing with sex, adult, and nudity, assuming that I would pick up a ton of traffic from people looking for porn
  • I then tried political figures and events such as Obama, Clinton, and Bush.
  • Famous movies and television shows were next using terms such as South Park, Modern Family episodes, and House MD.
  • I also tried sports teams and players such as Adrian Peterson, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Heat.
  • Lastly, I tried video game terms like Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty.

I continually made posts for about three months and did an equal amount of tags for each. The results? Here ya go…

  1. Pokemon – 84 hits
  2. South Park episode – 76
  3. World of Warcraft – 56
  4. Obama – 31
  5. Dallas Cowboys – 24
  6. Miami Heat – 22
  7. Lebron James – 22
  8. Call of Duty – 21
  9. President Bush – 21

I’ll spare you the tags that got between 15 and 20 hits… but here’s what I found most interesting: the terms nudity, sex, xxx, porn, and adult were hit a combined total of just 4 times! The old adage that sex sells seems to be a bit flawed when it comes to blogging. Looks like Pokemon is much more interesting.

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