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Blogging Quick Tips: Tags

Tags are the best way to draw in random readers from search engines such as Google and Yahoo! I made several sample blogs in early 2010 and did sample tags for each post. The results were kind of interesting.

  • I first tried terms dealing with sex, adult, and nudity, assuming that I would pick up a ton of traffic from people looking for porn
  • I then tried political figures and events such as Obama, Clinton, and Bush.
  • Famous movies and television shows were next using terms such as South Park, Modern Family episodes, and House MD.
  • I also tried sports teams and players such as Adrian Peterson, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Heat.
  • Lastly, I tried video game terms like Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty.

I continually made posts for about three months and did an equal amount of tags for each. The results? Here ya go…

  1. Pokemon – 84 hits
  2. South Park episode – 76
  3. World of Warcraft – 56
  4. Obama – 31
  5. Dallas Cowboys – 24
  6. Miami Heat – 22
  7. Lebron James – 22
  8. Call of Duty – 21
  9. President Bush – 21

I’ll spare you the tags that got between 15 and 20 hits… but here’s what I found most interesting: the terms nudity, sex, xxx, porn, and adult were hit a combined total of just 4 times! The old adage that sex sells seems to be a bit flawed when it comes to blogging. Looks like Pokemon is much more interesting.

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Treat your blog like it’s your business.

Anyone can start a blog. Unfortunately, most of those writers fail to continue their work after the first week. I think a lot of people stop writing because they get locked into their view stats. They figure that since no one is reading, why keep writing? Sure you started that blog for yourself, but you hoped that at least someone gave a damn!

Well there’s good news! If you truly want your blog to take off and have consistent traffic, stop treating it like a hobby and start treating it like a business. Consider the following questions:

Why: Why are you writing?

  • What will drive you to write today, tomorrow, and 12 months from now?

What: What’s your subject?

  • I suggest going with a specific category. If it’s something broad like politics, then what’s your spin? What’s your angle?

Who: Who’s your target audience?

  • Write to a single audience! I can’t stress this enough. Blogs that go between 10 year old males and 60 year old females lack the consistency to have returning readers. If you’re a blogger for a municipality, write to the type of people that will come to your events: families, ages 35-60, what are their needs and interests?

Where: Where do you see your blog in 1 month? 6 months? 2 years?

  • Plan out your views and set goals.

How: How are you going to reach your goal?

  • Your product is your writing, your goal is your answer from the previous question. How do you plan on getting there? Will you be consistently looking for new readers? Will you be advertising your blog on the internet? In real life? Using social networks? Will you be buying ads?


Do your research: Are there other writers writing about my subject? What do they have to say?

  • Say you write about food. What are the biggest food blogs on the web? What makes them successful? What could they improve? Where are they getting their readers from? Where are they advertising? Think of them as competitors and pick apart their strategy.

Redundant but another way of thinking about the How question: Think of your sales goals in terms of views.

  • In sales you are required to forecast your sales for the month. This is based on the accounts you have been working and that you think you can close. Think of views as the exact same way! Let’s say your goal for the month is 1,500 views. How do you get there?

Answer these questions and you’ll be in better place to create a blog that will succeed in meeting your goals. Best of luck blogging!!!

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Blogging Quick Tips: When to Post

Based on the blogs that I have run over the years, there are two main times throughout the day that readers stop by. I call it the Rule of 10’s.

10:00 AM EST


10:00 PM EST

Are the highest traffic times throughout the day.

Look to schedule your posts to be released one to two hours before these times! You’ll see your views-per-post increase and thus increase the value of your work!

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Blogging Quick Tips: Image Placement

Appearance in a blog is just as important as its content! Don’t ever be fooled to thinking otherwise. Here are some tips based on various marketing studies:

  1. If the image is less than 25% of the text screen, do not include in the blog. 73% of readers polled in 2009 thought that small images were pointless and failed to improve the blog post’s appearance.
  2. If the image is between 25-50% of the text screen, imbed in the text. Alternate between the left and right side of the page for each imbedded image. If you choose not to alternate, 78% of readers polled in 2009 would prefer the images to be imbedded in the right half of the text screen.
  3. If the image is more than 50% of the text screen, center it and put 1 line of space between the top and bottom of the image. 92% of readers polled in 2009 agreed that a centered image followed by or preceded by unspaced text was visually unappealing.
  4. Unless the image fills 100% of the text screen, NEVER put an image before or during the first paragraph. In fact, 94% of readers polled in 2009 said that they felt a blog was stunted and visually unappealing when an image less than 90% of the text screen appeared before the author had written their first line.

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