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Blog Review: Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution

As I sit here watching two top academic schools battle each other in football (Notre Dame v Stanford) I’m reminded of my favorite economics blog. Economics is more or less the study of choices. Why people do what they do based on what they value. Now there’s a professor out there named Tyler Cowen that writes a blog called Marginal Revolution. This blog has very little media content and often has very little insight from Cowen himself. Yet, he links you to the best articles on the web. He covers everything from politics to sports. Whether you agree with Cowen or not is beside the point. It’s a great blog to bookmark for reference to other academic outlets.


Appearance: D

Ease to navigate: A

Creativity: C

Grammar: A+


Overall Grade: A

NOTE: Cowen’s blog is one of the most visited in the realm of economics. It’s appearance isn’t appealing to the regular blog reader. In fact, I doubt anyone that stumbles upon MR would stick around to read what he posts. Yet, his audience isn’t casual readers. It’s informed and educational readers. I grade blogs based on how they appeal to their audience. Example: I personally dislike the High School Musical films, yet for a teen that likes a musical, it’s a homerun. Same goes for Cowen’s blog. If you like data, numbers, and economics, this is the cream of the crop source as far as blogs go.

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