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Blogging Quick Tips: Tags

Tags are the best way to draw in random readers from search engines such as Google and Yahoo! I made several sample blogs in early 2010 and did sample tags for each post. The results were kind of interesting.

  • I first tried terms dealing with sex, adult, and nudity, assuming that I would pick up a ton of traffic from people looking for porn
  • I then tried political figures and events such as Obama, Clinton, and Bush.
  • Famous movies and television shows were next using terms such as South Park, Modern Family episodes, and House MD.
  • I also tried sports teams and players such as Adrian Peterson, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Heat.
  • Lastly, I tried video game terms like Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty.

I continually made posts for about three months and did an equal amount of tags for each. The results? Here ya go…

  1. Pokemon – 84 hits
  2. South Park episode – 76
  3. World of Warcraft – 56
  4. Obama – 31
  5. Dallas Cowboys – 24
  6. Miami Heat – 22
  7. Lebron James – 22
  8. Call of Duty – 21
  9. President Bush – 21

I’ll spare you the tags that got between 15 and 20 hits… but here’s what I found most interesting: the terms nudity, sex, xxx, porn, and adult were hit a combined total of just 4 times! The old adage that sex sells seems to be a bit flawed when it comes to blogging. Looks like Pokemon is much more interesting.

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Blog Review: Secrets of 7 Scribes

A lot of what I’ll post on here will be representations of good and bad blogs. To start on the right foot, I found one that is really interesting. Seven female writers that compile personal stories and recipes into their own creation. There are several characteristics of this blog that would make me want to return. First, it’s well written. It’s also easy to navigate. Yet most importantly, it’s visually appealing. The authors include common photos from search engines as well as their own uploaded images. The target audience for these women appears to be 30+ year old women that have families. Now I’m a 24 year old single male… so I most likely will not be returning often. Yet if you happen to enjoy Pintrest, then I’d suggest you bookmark their blog!


Appearance: B

Ease to navigate: A

Creativity: B

Grammar: A+


Overall Grade: A-

Posts that are worth your time:

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Recipe for Success

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