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Blogging Quick Tips: When to Post

Based on the blogs that I have run over the years, there are two main times throughout the day that readers stop by. I call it the Rule of 10’s.

10:00 AM EST


10:00 PM EST

Are the highest traffic times throughout the day.

Look to schedule your posts to be released one to two hours before these times! You’ll see your views-per-post increase and thus increase the value of your work!

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Blog Review: Secrets of 7 Scribes

A lot of what I’ll post on here will be representations of good and bad blogs. To start on the right foot, I found one that is really interesting. Seven female writers that compile personal stories and recipes into their own creation. There are several characteristics of this blog that would make me want to return. First, it’s well written. It’s also easy to navigate. Yet most importantly, it’s visually appealing. The authors include common photos from search engines as well as their own uploaded images. The target audience for these women appears to be 30+ year old women that have families. Now I’m a 24 year old single male… so I most likely will not be returning often. Yet if you happen to enjoy Pintrest, then I’d suggest you bookmark their blog!


Appearance: B

Ease to navigate: A

Creativity: B

Grammar: A+


Overall Grade: A-

Posts that are worth your time:

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Recipe for Success

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