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Blogging Quick Tips: When to Post

Based on the blogs that I have run over the years, there are two main times throughout the day that readers stop by. I call it the Rule of 10’s.

10:00 AM EST


10:00 PM EST

Are the highest traffic times throughout the day.

Look to schedule your posts to be released one to two hours before these times! You’ll see your views-per-post increase and thus increase the value of your work!

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Blogging Quick Tips: Image Placement

Appearance in a blog is just as important as its content! Don’t ever be fooled to thinking otherwise. Here are some tips based on various marketing studies:

  1. If the image is less than 25% of the text screen, do not include in the blog. 73% of readers polled in 2009 thought that small images were pointless and failed to improve the blog post’s appearance.
  2. If the image is between 25-50% of the text screen, imbed in the text. Alternate between the left and right side of the page for each imbedded image. If you choose not to alternate, 78% of readers polled in 2009 would prefer the images to be imbedded in the right half of the text screen.
  3. If the image is more than 50% of the text screen, center it and put 1 line of space between the top and bottom of the image. 92% of readers polled in 2009 agreed that a centered image followed by or preceded by unspaced text was visually unappealing.
  4. Unless the image fills 100% of the text screen, NEVER put an image before or during the first paragraph. In fact, 94% of readers polled in 2009 said that they felt a blog was stunted and visually unappealing when an image less than 90% of the text screen appeared before the author had written their first line.

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